The OwnMeta Network!

Seek. Search. Interact. Engage. Contribute. Earn. Prosper- OwnMeta.

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The OwnMeta Network!

What Is the OwnMeta Network All About?

You Seek. You Search. You Interact. You Engage. You Contribute. You Earn. You Prosper…In Essence, Get Rewarded for the Things You DO Everyday! That’s the OwnMeta Network .

Earn Points!

That’s Right! You Can Earn Points Throughout the OwnMeta Network!

Play Free Games!

Play Free Online Games On Any Device!

Go Blogging!

Need a Blog? Create a Free Blog on OwnMeta Network’s Blog Platform. Earn Points in Multiple Ways and Get Paid to Write Ops!

Search 15+ Engines!

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OwnMeta Apps!

Interact With the Entire OwnMeta Network On the Go!


Search, Compare, Find Deals, Shop, Save, and Earn with the OwnMeta Network…Coming Soon!

Members Only!

Keep Track of It All In the OwnMeta Network’s Exclusive Member’s Only Areas!

Get Rewarded!

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Seek. Search. Interact. Engage. Contribute. Earn. Prosper with OwnMeta!

The OwnMeta Search Engine Network goal is to be entirely powered by users interactivity and contributions within the OwnMeta network. Users in essence, receive points for interacting with just about every facet of the OwnMeta Network. Users can then swap points for numerous types of prizes or opportunities to win gift cards, cash cards, top prizes, and much more!

Time to Get Busy!

Seek. Search. Interact. Engage. Contribute. Earn. Prosper with OwnMeta!

The OwnMeta Network

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OwnMeta Features

Innovative Search Engine Network That Gives Back to Members for Contributing and Interacting with the Entire OwnMeta Network.
OwnMeta offers a unique 15+ meta search engine to be “groomed” and powered by members, multiple ways to earn points via the free online games network, free blog network, multi-marketplace, multiple ad networks, along with many other new ops, products, services, and tools in the “works” by the OwnMeta Network.
Earn Points and Get Rewarded for the Things You Already Do Everyday With OwnMeta ! (Cause Hey, Someone Has to Do It…)
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OwnMeta- Just Use It...

OwnMeta- Just Use It…

Why Use the OwnMeta Network? We GIVE BACK!!!

It’s simple. If OwnMeta relies on it’s members, then it’s members should rely on OwnMeta for “something legit” in return. Our opinion is that everything is digital these days and everyone should be able to make a little something extra on the side while going about their daily “business”.

That being said, we are a new breed of “network”, we have tremendous plans based on the collective “give back” ideology, with lots of details to hash out, and even more work to do…

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We Are "Flexible" and Support All Devices!

Whether it be a desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile device, wearable technology, smart device; No Worries, OwnMeta has got you covered!

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